Industry Types

Industry Types are another method used to classifying accounts for sales prospecting. Categorizing accounts by their industry also helps target marketing efforts and opportunities. Some industry types might include: healthcare, software, automotive, etc.. As with a variety of settings in the system, you can customize the industry types to fit your own business needs and classifications.


Administrator Authority Required


The setting up, changing, and deleting of industry types is performed in the System Setup module.  If your user profile is setup with Administrator Authority (SysAdmin), the Setup link will be displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the display screens next to the My Settings and Logout links. If you do not see the Setup link, then your user profile does not have the authority to access the system setup screens.


Accessing The Settings For: Industry Types


Select the Setup link at the top of your screen. The System Setup Screen will then be displayed. In the submenu titled Lookup Tables, select the Industry Types menu option.


The Industries screen will then be displayed. An example is shown below:



Adding More Industry Types


To add industry types, select the New button. A form similar to the Edit form shown below will be displayed.


Making Changes To Industry Types


To view, edit, copy, or delete industry types, put a checkmark in the box  beside the type you wish to select. Then, select the appropriate button. For example, selecting the Edit button will display a form similar to the one shown below:




The name of the industry type.



The active checkbox allows you to activate, or deactivate, industry types.


Saving Industry Type Entries/Updates

To save any entries or updates, select Finish. The system will return to the previous screen and display the updated list of industry types.


Select Back if you wish to discard any changes and return to the Industry Types Screen.


Select Close if you want to discard any changes and also exit the Industry Types section.


About Industry Subtypes

If needed, for an additional level of account definition, the program also allows the creation of industry subtypes. They can also be used when 'filtering' your account views.


The method for creating industry subtypes is the same as creating industry types. The entry and edit screens look and function like the industry type screens.