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How do you deliver my data if I would like to keep a copy?
We have several options for this

  1. Export the data from any view the download icons in the system

  2. Use the export function in the Admin area to export a database in MS Access format to your email address (note: only if your database is less than 25MB)

  3. Use the reports in the Report Writer that start with "Export". These allow you to download all your data.

  4. Use the Data Delivery Service (see below)

Data Delivery Service (DDS)

If you would like a backup of the raw database in MS SQL 2K format then you may want to use DDS. This is a service that comes at an additional fee and completely optional and only for those who do not want to do-it-themselves or who want to have an automated method of getting a backup to their local office.

When you sign up for the DDS, you'll receive a copy of your company's database, suitable for import into an SQL database (such as Microsoft SQL Server).

Your data can be delivered in MS SQL Data format or other text file formats. You may access the download via FTP.

What you can do with the data:
Comply with your company's policies on data security
Write custom applications that leverage your sales data
Import sales data into other internal systems
Create data warehousing or customer analysis reports
And many more options!

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Article No. 11
Posted: 2/20/2003
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